Superior Investigations

(573) 406-9709

Flat cost rate may apply for services such as vehicle registration search, identity of phone and cell phone numbers, property searches for property located , etc. Please inquire.

Standard investigation cost rate varies on the job. Example: (Undercover  investigations & surveillance, day & night surveillance operations skip tracing, etc.)

There is a standard retainer on all investigations. Reimbursable cost include expenses during investigation such as database search surcharges, millage, lodging out-of-town, long distance phone charges, postal, fedex, UPS services, printing, photo processing, etc. and any other expenses to be negotiated with client.

Please call for any prices at (573) 406-9709

*Note: Standard hourly rates (DO NOT) include reimbursable items such as mileage and expenses.

*Note: Cost will vary with complexity of the investigation. Client approval of additional cost and fees will be sought before going forward with the case.

* Note: Factors to help determine cost: travel, #of surveillance hours, location, URGENCY etc.